Things of Science 232.1Here is another Things of Science from the 1960’s. If Things of Science is  unknown to you see this post. This unit is called herb seeds and seems to have originally contained seeds for six different herbs (the one I purchased from eBay contained only the booklet).

As usual Things of Science is stuffed with short, concise experiments. This unit additionally covers history of the various herbs, talks about plant classification and taxonomy, describes what a perennial is, discusses how the various herbs are used in cooking, etc. A very enjoyable unit.

I’m inclined to pick up packets of these seeds from the local hardware/nursery and grow some herbs. I think there is something magical about watching a plant grow from a seed. It is a valuable thing especially for children because it can also introduce them to the virtue of patience.

If you would like to re-create this Things of Science unit you will need packets of these seeds:

  • Anise
  • Chives
  • Coriander (also called Cilantro)
  • Summer Savory
  • Sweet Basil
  • True Lavender

Also, some small pots and soil to grow them in.

I tried to find the items at my local hardware store and then nursery and was able to find all but the Summer Savory and Anise. I was able to get both online however. It may be a regional thing though (I’m in California) or even seasonal, so your mileage may vary….

The booklet is here for you to enjoy:

Things of Science #232 — Herb Seeds