Things of Science 234.9One of the older Things of Science I have is this one that covers how a sextant works.

You can build a functioning sextant with small amount of items included in the unit. There were  small mirrors, a bit of cellophane, a brass fastener and a few other small items. Most important was probably the large stiff paper pattern of a sextant you were to cut out.

When I first recalled these kits and how fascinated with them I was when I was young, I was a little saddened to think that they no longer exist. But as I began to examine some of the kits like this one, I have begun to see how very easy it would be for a motivated parent or teacher to put together a “clone” of any one of these Things of Science kits. I’m often surprised at how inexpensive and  easily obtainable many of the items are.

Perhaps this was a popular unit because it was repeated (re-issued) a few times in later years by Things of Science.

Here is the booklet from this unit:

Things of Science #234 — Sextant

And here is the pattern for the sextant printed on it:

Things of Science #234 — Sextant Pattern

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