Things of Science #323 - Chromatography_thingsAnother very extensive Things of Science unit — this time on chromatography. The one I got from eBay did not include all the “things”, but there was some sort of egg-shaped plastic container that appears to have once contained some sort of dye.

I remember learning about chromatography when I was in school and being fairly fascinated by it. It surprised me as a boy to find that what appeared to be a black marker was actually a mixture of violet and green ink. The booklet in this unit goes way beyond (and in much greater depth)the little experiment I remember.

Something else I found browsing the booklet was a little “product placement”. Things of Science was a non-profit. I don’t know what their subscription roster looked like in the 1960’s but no doubt they needed large quantities of the “things” in order to box up and mail out a new unit. Likely, by mentioning a company that provided the material for a unit they got the stuff either for free or at a steep discount. One product named in this booklet is the PAAS company that provided the dye for this unit. Yes, the Easter Egg dying company….

Enjoy this unit:

Things of Science #323 — Chromatography

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