Things of Science #313 MeasurementThis Things of Science is well suited to the topic — measurement. Some lead fishing sinkers, paperclips, paper cones and ruled paper gets you most of what you need to measure weight, length. As usual, history is slipped in where appropriate as topics like the steelyard and the Metric system are discussed.

A teacher could easily reproduce this unit on the cheap. Building a slightly more substantial balance beam or steelyard for the classroom would make this more robust.

By the way, it’s almost sad that we live in a day and age that I would make note that real authorities were consulted to give these Things of Science units their scientific integrity. It seems unfortunate to live in such a connected world but have so little we come across from day to day that we are certain we can trust.

I mention the above because the last page of the booklet thanks the Technical Coordinator of the Bureau of Standards for reviewing the text.

Here is the booklet (from 1966) scanned:

Things of Science #313 — Measurement

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