An early Things of Science unit on the metric system. I remember when we (the U.S.) were going to convert to the metric system. I have photos of federal signs on a vacation road trip in the 1970’s showing the altitude in miles as well as meters. I remember learning the Metric System in school (especially in 4th grade, about 1974).

There were not a lot of “things” in this module: a couple of paper clips and plastic bags. There was however a ruler or two and a handy conversion card printed by the U.S. Government. Also a poster. It was a fun the time (in the 1970′) to know that the U.S. was all in on the new Metric System. It felt like the U.S. was joining the rest of the developed world. It felt a little like Star Trek — joining the Federation and our scientific future.

Later, “American individualism” (and Reaganism) ended that brief foray into a unified world-centric world-view.

Here is the booklet from the module (cleaned up) and a poster:

Things of Science (1973) — Metric System

Things of Science (1973) — Metric System Poster

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