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Things of Science (1973) — Computation

An early Things of Science unit on computation.

Here is the booklet (cleaned up):

Things of Science (1973) — Computation

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Things of Science (1972) Computation 01

Things of Science (1970) — Electricity

Things of Science unit from 1970 on electricity.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science (1970) — Electricity

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The things:

Things of Science (1970) Electricity Things

Things of Science #271 — Metal Fasteners

Things of Science unit from May, 1963 on metal fasteners.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science #271 — Metal Fasteners

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The things:

Metal Fasteners

Things of Science #218 — Motor

MotorThings of Science unit from December, 1958. The motor was not in the unit I purchased on eBay. This unit seems nonetheless to be a little light on the science, heavier on the things. While no doubt a young boy (probably a boy) would have been excited to receive this unit so close to Christmas, I am beginning to believe Things of Science really came into its own later during the 1970’s — really came to be more about science.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science #218 — Motor

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Things of Science #318 — Center of Gravity

Things of Science #318 Center Of Gravity.18This Things of Science unit covers center of gravity. While a simple and small topic in physics, as a young boy center of gravity and center of pressure were big and new concepts when I was learning about model rocketry and how to design a rocket that will be stable. I think this is the perfect unit for a young person just into middle school. Follow this unit with some model rocketry and I think you have the basis for an excellent curriculum.

A photo of the things:

Things of Science #318 Center Of Gravity.things

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science #318 — Center of Gravity

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Things of Science

Things of Science LogoI am scanning a lot of Things of Science lately. As a way to keep a handy, sorted reference to the scanned booklets, I created this post. I will update it as I add new units.


  • Things of Science #158 (Dec) — Modern Fabrics (coming)









  • Things of Science #279 – Polymer Fiber (need to scan)
  • Things of Science #280 – Seeds (coming)
  • Things of Science #281 – Triboluminescence (coming)
  • Things of Science #282 – Papermaking (coming)
  • Things of Science #283 – Spectral Color (coming)
  • Things of Science #285 – Pinhole Photography (coming)
  • Things of Science #286 – Coal (coming)
  • Things of Science #287 – Powder Metallurgy (coming)
  • Things of Science #288 – Polarized Light (coming)
  • Things of Science #290 – Acetate & Triacetate Fibers (coming)


  • Things of Science #291 – Artist’s Colors (coming)
  • Things of Science #292 – Seeds From Tree Farms (coming)
  • Things of Science #293 – Water Soluble Plastics & Paper (coming)
  • Things of Science #294 – Aluminum (coming)
  • Things of Science #295 – Gemini III Model (coming)
  • Things of Science #296 – Unusual Optical Properties in Minerals (coming)
  • Things of Science #297 – Corn By-Products (coming)
  • Things of Science #298 – Carbon Black (coming)
  • Things of Science #299 – Textile Fiber Identification (need to scan)
  • Things of Science #300 – Polypropylene (need to scan)
  • Things of Science #301 – Unusual & Specialized Papers (need to scan)



1968 (complete)


1970 (complete)


  • Things of Science — Humidity (coming)
  • Things of Science — Hydrophobic Fumed Silica (coming)
  • Things of Science — Liquid Crystals (coming)
  • Things of Science — Measurement (coming)
  • Things of Science — Pendulum (coming)
  • Things of Science — Plastics (coming)
  • Things of Science — Recycling (coming)
  • Things of Science — Soybeans and Soy Proteins (coming)
  • Things of Science — The Sense Of Smell (coming)
  • Things of Science — Topology (coming)
  • Things of Science — Vision (coming)


  • Things of Science — Rocks (coming)
  • Things of Science — Electrostatics (coming)
  • Things of Science — Center Of Gravity
  • Things of Science — Seashells (coming)
  • Things of Science — Mirrors (coming)
  • Things of Science — Solar Energy (coming)
  • Things of Science — Stars and Constellations (coming)
  • Things of Science — Jars And Bottles (coming)
  • Things of Science — Life Cycle of a Can (coming)
  • Things of Science — Color
  • Things of Science — Touch (coming)

1973 (complete)


  • Things of Science — Optical Illusions (coming)


  • Things of Science — Figures of Maximum Area (coming)
  • Things of Science — Gravity (coming)
  • Things of Science — Heat (coming)


  • Things of Science — Electricity (coming)
  • Things of Science — Herb Seeds (coming)
  • Things of Science — Pendulum (coming)


  • Things of Science — Fossils (coming)
  • Things of Science — Friction (coming)
  • Things of Science — Light (coming)
  • Things of Science —  Solar Energy (coming)


  • Things of Science — Aerodynamics (coming)
  • Things of Science — Color (coming)
  • Things of Science — Rainbow Holography (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sextant (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sound (coming)
  • Things of Science — Super Slurper (coming)
  • Things of Science — Taste (coming)


  • Things of Science — Afterimage (coming)
  • Things of Science — Curves (coming)
  • Things of Science — Magnetic Force (coming)
  • Things of Science — Reflection (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sundial (coming)
  • Things of Science — The Skin Senses (coming)
  • Things of Science — Vegetable Seeds (coming)
  • Things of Science — Wind Power (coming)
  • Things of Science — Work and Energy (coming)
  • Things of Science — Xerography (coming)


  • Things of Science — Acid-Base Indicators (coming)
  • Things of Science — Conchology (coming)
  • Things of Science — Optical Illusions (coming)


  • Things of Science — Paper Folding Math (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sundials (coming)


  • Things of Science — Gliders (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sea Shells (coming)
  • Things of Science — Wind Machines (coming)

Things of Science #334 — Aerodynamics

Things Of Science 334 Aerodynamics (ttings)The box was a little longer than usual for this Things of Science unit. This because of the small balsa airplane included. This unit did come complete when I purchased it.
Someone wanting to recreate this unit can easily buy a small balsa glider or two from a hobby store or perhaps a party supply store. Add a lump of clay, straw and paper and you have the things.

Here is the (as usual, well researched) booklet:

Things of Science #334 — Aerodynamics

More Things of Science scanned here.

Things Of Science #332 — Sundial

Things of Science #332 Sundial.17Another reliable Things of Science unit — this time on sundials.Of course there’s history, of course they cover the topic thoroughly, and of course there are many do-it-yourself sundials.

Again, my eBay purchase was missing the “things”, but page 3 lists them off. I think a clever person could work through the booklet the means to (re)creating the sundials presented.

Another data-full booklet:

Things of Science #332 — Sundial

More Things of Science scanned here.

Things of Science #322 — Buoyancy

Another Things of Science unit that requires very few “things” for the person wanting to re-create it. I received only the booklet on eBay so I have none of the things. But, as with other Things of Science units, the contents are listed (usually) on the first or second page.

Again I am amazed at how “buoyancy” can fill a 24-page booklet and 19 experiments. But as usual Things of Science goes beyond the norms — in this unit covering buoyancy as it relates to ships stability among other topics.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science #322 — Buoyancy

More Things of Science scanned here.

Things of Science #321 — Magnetism

Things of Science #321 - Magnetism.materialsThis Things of Science unit is heavy on the text (if a little light on the things). The booklet first gives a brief history of magnetism and then launches into 35 mini-experiments that are structured to take you on an understanding of magnetism.

The included reed switch might be the only thing a little difficult finding — the rest of the ingredients in the kit should be easily found in a middle-school science classroom.

Enjoy this unit:

Things of Science #321 — Magnetism

More Things of Science scanned here.

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