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Things of Science #236 — Hexaflexagon

Things of Science 236.1Here’s a fun Things of Science. (If you aren’t familiar with Things of Science, see this post.) When I won this one on eBay it still contained some of the kit’s supplies (in the case of this kit, some paper, a protractor and colored pencils).

The hexaflexagon is a fun little diversion in its own right, but when presented here gets a full mathematical treatment as well.

I remember a Scientific American “Mathematical Recreations” article about the Hexaflexagon as well. My daughters and I made a couple of hexaflexagons a few years back and they enjoyed them as I recall.

Here is the booklet for Things of Science #236:

Things of Science #236 — Hexaflexagon

More Things of Science scanned here.

The Game

lost_game_mazeIf you knew that you were playing The Game, then I don’t need to tell you that you just lost. (And, just now, again, so did I.)

If you didn’t know that you were playing the game then I am sorry to be the one to tell you that you have lost. (And I am also the one it seems to tell you that you were playing the game.)

Everyone in the world is playing The Game — some people simply do not yet know it. The object of The Game is not to think about The Game. When you think about The Game you lose.

You are playing again when you stop thinking about The Game.

Sorry, you lost again.

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