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Things of Science (1970) — Symmetry

Things of Science unit from 1970 on symmetry.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science (1970) — Symmetry

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The things:

Things of Science (1970) Symmetry 8

Things of Science #262 — Probability

Things of Science unit from August, 1962 on probability. I’ve already scanned in a unit just like this one.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science #262 — Probability

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The things:


Things of Science #257 — Geometric Models

Things of Science unit from March, 1962 on geometry. They indicate it was a popular unit and, as of 1962,  has been re-issued several times. The copyright on the front page indicates 1949, 1956 and 1962. (Note also that it is re-done again in the 1969.)

There are a few cards that came with the unit that were printed on a stiff card stock. Those are reproduced on the last few pages of the booklet below.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science #257 — Geometric Models

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Things of Science (1969) — Geometric Models

Geometric ModelsMaybe it was the Summer of Love?  Things of Science started to get more colorful in 1969 — swapping out the usual yellow-gold paper for other colors (although admittedly, a less-than-inspired gray here) .

Additionally the “logo” for Things of Science changed as well. See for yourself on page 1 of the booklet linked below.

This unit takes on geometry but explains some familiar concepts in a hands-on way. Very cool.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science (1969) — Geometric Models

The last few pages of the booklet contain scans of the cards that came with this unit. Additionally there was string, a push-pin, etc. Contents here:

Geometric Models Box

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Things Of Science (1969) — Abacus

Things of Science (1969) AbacusProbably the longest booklet I have encountered in a Things of Science unit to date. Small beads made for a small abacus you could build with this unit. The booklet (below) goes into lot of detail on using the abacus and it’s history.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science (1969) — Abacus

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Things of Science

Things of Science LogoI am scanning a lot of Things of Science lately. As a way to keep a handy, sorted reference to the scanned booklets, I created this post. I will update it as I add new units.


  • Things of Science #158 (Dec) — Modern Fabrics (coming)









  • Things of Science #279 – Polymer Fiber (need to scan)
  • Things of Science #280 – Seeds (coming)
  • Things of Science #281 – Triboluminescence (coming)
  • Things of Science #282 – Papermaking (coming)
  • Things of Science #283 – Spectral Color (coming)
  • Things of Science #285 – Pinhole Photography (coming)
  • Things of Science #286 – Coal (coming)
  • Things of Science #287 – Powder Metallurgy (coming)
  • Things of Science #288 – Polarized Light (coming)
  • Things of Science #290 – Acetate & Triacetate Fibers (coming)


  • Things of Science #291 – Artist’s Colors (coming)
  • Things of Science #292 – Seeds From Tree Farms (coming)
  • Things of Science #293 – Water Soluble Plastics & Paper (coming)
  • Things of Science #294 – Aluminum (coming)
  • Things of Science #295 – Gemini III Model (coming)
  • Things of Science #296 – Unusual Optical Properties in Minerals (coming)
  • Things of Science #297 – Corn By-Products (coming)
  • Things of Science #298 – Carbon Black (coming)
  • Things of Science #299 – Textile Fiber Identification (need to scan)
  • Things of Science #300 – Polypropylene (need to scan)
  • Things of Science #301 – Unusual & Specialized Papers (need to scan)



1968 (complete)


1970 (complete)


  • Things of Science — Humidity (coming)
  • Things of Science — Hydrophobic Fumed Silica (coming)
  • Things of Science — Liquid Crystals (coming)
  • Things of Science — Measurement (coming)
  • Things of Science — Pendulum (coming)
  • Things of Science — Plastics (coming)
  • Things of Science — Recycling (coming)
  • Things of Science — Soybeans and Soy Proteins (coming)
  • Things of Science — The Sense Of Smell (coming)
  • Things of Science — Topology (coming)
  • Things of Science — Vision (coming)


  • Things of Science — Rocks (coming)
  • Things of Science — Electrostatics (coming)
  • Things of Science — Center Of Gravity
  • Things of Science — Seashells (coming)
  • Things of Science — Mirrors (coming)
  • Things of Science — Solar Energy (coming)
  • Things of Science — Stars and Constellations (coming)
  • Things of Science — Jars And Bottles (coming)
  • Things of Science — Life Cycle of a Can (coming)
  • Things of Science — Color
  • Things of Science — Touch (coming)

1973 (complete)


  • Things of Science — Optical Illusions (coming)


  • Things of Science — Figures of Maximum Area (coming)
  • Things of Science — Gravity (coming)
  • Things of Science — Heat (coming)


  • Things of Science — Electricity (coming)
  • Things of Science — Herb Seeds (coming)
  • Things of Science — Pendulum (coming)


  • Things of Science — Fossils (coming)
  • Things of Science — Friction (coming)
  • Things of Science — Light (coming)
  • Things of Science —  Solar Energy (coming)


  • Things of Science — Aerodynamics (coming)
  • Things of Science — Color (coming)
  • Things of Science — Rainbow Holography (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sextant (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sound (coming)
  • Things of Science — Super Slurper (coming)
  • Things of Science — Taste (coming)


  • Things of Science — Afterimage (coming)
  • Things of Science — Curves (coming)
  • Things of Science — Magnetic Force (coming)
  • Things of Science — Reflection (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sundial (coming)
  • Things of Science — The Skin Senses (coming)
  • Things of Science — Vegetable Seeds (coming)
  • Things of Science — Wind Power (coming)
  • Things of Science — Work and Energy (coming)
  • Things of Science — Xerography (coming)


  • Things of Science — Acid-Base Indicators (coming)
  • Things of Science — Conchology (coming)
  • Things of Science — Optical Illusions (coming)


  • Things of Science — Paper Folding Math (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sundials (coming)


  • Things of Science — Gliders (coming)
  • Things of Science — Sea Shells (coming)
  • Things of Science — Wind Machines (coming)

Things Of Science #306 B — Topology

Things of Science Logo

An unusual Things of Science, both for the size of its booklet (a full U.S. letter size; 8.5″ x 11″) and also for how text-heavy this unit is.

The subject of this unit, topology, is a fairly complex concept in mathematics and Things of Science, as usual, gives it a very thorough treatment. Perhaps this unit was intended for a fairly sophisticated and advanced learner. While they approach the subject in easy to grasp terms, it is hard to see twelve-year-old me being very engaged.

Here is the diagram-heavy booklet (not too many “things” in this unit though):

Things of Science #306 B — Topology

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Things of Science (1969) — Probability

Things of Science 38This Things of Science must be newer than the previous ones I posted. It isn’t numbered, The booklet too has gone from the larger 5″ x 6″ format to a narrower 3″ x 5″ (and nicely stapled now).

The “experiments” in this unit read more like math problems (not surprising, I suppose). But, again, like the best of Things of Science, the math is approached very practically — that is, by rolling dice, picking colored disks at random out of a box, etc. So it brings a very down-to-earth understanding of a complex topic.

This unit was also published earlier in 1962.

Here is the booklet:

Things of Science — Probability

More Things of Science scanned here.

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